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Super Chamber Parge - Premix 25lb Pail

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Super Chamber Parge is a premixed repair product. Excels in filling gaps and aerodynamically streamline smoke chambers and smoke shelves. It provides a new thermal barrier to conduction of heat increasing safety. Meets "NFPA and IRC" requirements for parging smoke chambers with a refractory coating passing 'ASTM C 199' Medium Duty.

Test to 2550F.  Available in 25lbs pails and easily combines with Insul-Stick for a smooth smoke chamber parge.


• Super heat resistant: seals against flame, heat, smoke, acids and gas.
• Unsurpassed bonding strength-joint is stronger than brick!
• Ready to use; ready mixed to the proper consistency

• Combine with Insul-Stick for the perfect smoke chamber parge everytime! 


• Firebox lay up and repair.
• Re-pointing of interior chimney brickwork.
• Sealing tile and stainless flue liner joints.
• Stove firebox repair.
• Chamber repair.
• Contains NO ASBESTOS.